Dubrovnik First Underwater Winery

The First Underwater Winery

Drace is a small village in Croatia. It’s located on the peninsula of Peljesac, which is one hour away from Dubrovnik- a town with more than two thousand years history.. It is the place where our story begins. Pelješac is well known as a peninsula with fine vineyards and many excellent varieties of wine, famous all over the world. One of them is Dingač, known as the king of Croatian wines. 2011 was the year when we made the first wine and decided to make it unique. We came up with the idea of immersing bottles and amphorae under the sea, but it took time to check a many things and explore possibilities. First, amphorae were submerged in late 2013 and early 2014. Researching whether it is even possible to do something like that, we started in several different locations around the peninsula of Pelješac.

With the bottles we immediately had good results, but the amphorae were more difficult. It was necessary to investigate whether it would be possible to put glass bottle directly in an amphora, because wine could lose quality from any penetration by the sea. Using a glass bottle of 0.75L that goes into a clay amphora, and protecting it with a good cork and two layers of rubber, we submerged it in the sea to a depth of 18-25 meters for more than 700 days. After that we knew that we had made something special, something what will make history. We called it Navis Mysterium – The Sea Mystery. Now, we have the first underwater winery. We took a concession on an old sunken fishing boat that had been lying on the seabed for more than 30 years and on it we placed our bottled wine and the amphora, made secure from any risk of theft. Each bottle is unique, the product of great love, effort and time. The unique essence of the Adriatic Sea combined with exquisite wine, Plavac from Janjina, clay that is baked in Petrinja, stands made of wrought iron from Sisak, pinewood boxes which are made in Varaždin, glass, cork… everything is pure Croatian product, one that you will want to take it with you: product with a a story that belongs to our land, that people will definitely talk about.

What is Included:

-Private car&driver

What is NOT Included:

-Wine tasting in a local winery 

-Wine tasting price starts from 5€ up to 50€

Diving Edivo: 

Our underwater wine celler with wine bottles and Amphorae Navis  Mysterium is located in a sunken sailing ship at a depth of 14 m, near  Drače on Pelješac penninsula, price starts from 200€ up to 240€


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Edivo winery: Navis Mysterium

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